Welcome to the Universal Entertainer’s Guild (U.E.G.) where we …

  • Identify and cultivate new talent
  • Present a variety of music and entertainer’s talents
  • Promote talent to an international market
  • Capture history in the making’ through video production
  • Preserve entertainer’s rich and legendary past
  • Protect,manage,secure and develop entertainers
  • Cultivate our entertainer’s future
  • Inspire everyone to dream and reach for their dreams… dreams that can and do come true!
  • Our latest project’s…
  • Universal Entertainers Guild is in process of transcending previous barriers and limits .
  • Past accomplishments include Cedd The Light in 13 days we took him from an initial meeting to opening for the mayor.
  • Terrell Page of Universal Entertainers Guild had the pleasure of Introducing Cedd The Light to the world last night at Mayor Sly James inaugural Ball last night just before the Mayor entered the stage and began his second term Cedd The Light performed “For The City” His original song about Kansas City.
    A special thank you to United Minority Media Association , and M.C. Richardson and K.K.F.I. 90.1 FM . Attendee’s included(just to name a few) ,former mayor now commissioner Berkley along with Bill Kimble of (neighborhoods united), Riccardo Lucas writer of programmed to kill (our newest guild member)family members and other city officials and associates, After the mayors speech Cedd The Light sang “Cool Breeze” and a plethora of other original songs.
    contact us to develop your talents.
  • universalentertainersguild.com or
  • universalguild.com

Mission Statement: Our mission is to enrich the lives of entertainers by providing them with opportunities to grow and thrive.

The Universal Entertainers Guild (U.E.G)

entertainers founded in 2006 by Terrell-Tyrone Page Senior.

  • The (U.E.G. )provides a forum where we strive to excel and uplift the world of entertainer’s

The U.E.G. was established to not only show entertainers how to package themselves, but also help them succeed at doing it. Things such as branding and imaging are very important in an entertainer’s career, accomplished through logos, websites, forums, videos, photo, and many other things that entertainers find challenging to prepare on their own.

  • The U.E.G. exists to help propel your entertainment career by addressing not only basic needs but also providing necessary promotional resources.
  • U.E.G’s commitment is to provide for the wellness of its members by offering work, benefits, marketing, and much more.

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. 305 709 7502 . . . Trying Speak Self Knowledge Threw My Music. . Guide My People .. . Discover Truth

  2. 305 709 7502 . . . Trying Speak Self Knowledge Through My Music. . Guide My People .. . Discover Truth

  3. I love good music. I feel like music helps the mind take a break from this stressful world.

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